Jam Jar Light  Lamp Kilner Vintage Industrial Retro Edison Style Squirrel Cage Filament Bulb Ceiling Rose or 3-Pin Plug


All parts are new and the lamp is handmade and It is Dimmable.



The lamp will come fully assembled!  It is supplied with:



– Kilner 1lt Jam Jar-24cm high and 9cm wide (please see the picture with coke can)



– Bronze effect normal screw type E27 aluminum bulb holder



– Edison Style 40w Squirrel Cage Filament Bulb E27



– The jar is Kilner Jam Jar 1 litre in size and with a bulb included.



With Ceiling Rose



– 1.0m cord coffee color braided fabric cable



– The Ceiling Rose Dia: 10cm brushed bronze




With 3-Pin Plug



– 1.5m  cord coffee color braided fabric cable



– And black UK plug and black inline switch half way up the cord.



The lamp looks beautiful and decorative in any setting giving off a warm golden glow. It can be used in the home or within many different commercial spaces.(Recommended for indoor use)  



Through the hand-craftmanship of this lamp, we’re able to make sure the lamp has been perfectly created. Should you have any problems though, please do not hesitate to let us know.     



Please have a look at the all the pictures to see all the details.  



Thanks for looking!  



(Note: the coke can only for display)